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Pledge to end Violence Against Women on 25th November

white ribbon campaign

One of the county’s leading organisations for domestic abuse victims is calling on us all to support the White Ribbon Campaign on 25th November and end violence towards women.

Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service, part of Shropshire Housing Group, provides support, advice, housing and refuge to women and children. Along with other key organisations in the region, they are asking Shropshire men and women to sign an online pledge, giving a clear NO to domestic abuse and sexual violence against men, women and children.

The Shropshire White Ribbon Campaign is aiming to gather more than 10,000 signatures.  The pledge can be found at

In the last seven months Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service has seen 65 clients, 98.46% of those being women.  The majority of which had children (69.23%) of which nearly half were under the age of five (43.14%).

Wendy Bulman, Manager of Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service said: “Domestic Abuse can affect any one of us.  The only way to end violence against women is for everyone to make it unacceptable.  Here in Shropshire we believe all violence is wrong and by standing together we can make a difference”

Abuse can take many forms but if you are concerned that you or someone you know might be in an abusive relationship, there are a few typical signs to look out for:

. Verbal abuse – name calling, shouting accusations, mocking, threats etc

. Physical and/or emotional control – extreme jealousy/possessiveness, coercion, unexplained injuries etc

. Lack of respect

. Fear and anxiety – signs of nervousness or anxiety when the partner is around or on the phone etc

If you are concerned about domestic abuse and need advice you can call Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service on 0300 303 1191 or the 24 hour domestic abuse helpline on 0800 783 1359.

Both are very happy to give information and assistance in the strictest confidence.