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The next Group Sessions have now been planned. See below for locations and starting months. 

Freedom Programme 

This 12 week programme aims to help victims & survivors to identify different types of abuse and recognise behavioural tactics used by abusers. It also helps victims & survivors to understand how they are affected by the different tactics and learn to recognise early warning signs. Participants will end the programme also being able to recognise the behaviour of non-abusive partners.

September 2018 

January 2019

April 2019

Oswestry Shrewsbury (Thursday) Market Drayton
Ludlow (Tuesdays)   Oswestry
Church Stretton   Shrewsbury (Thursday evenings)
Whitchurch (Wednesdays)    
Brignorth (Fridays)    

Parenting Through Domestic Abuse

This 12 week programme aims to help victims & survivors to understand how living with domestic abuse may feel for their children. It helps them to recognise how children may have been affected by domestic abuse and how to support their children to cope with their experiences. Participants will end the programme with strategies in place for rebuilding or reinforcing a healthy relationship with their children.

September 2018

January 2018

April 2019

Shrewsbury (Thursdays) Market Drayton  Church Stretton
  Shrewsbury (Thursday evenings) Whitchurch (Wednesdays)

Power To Change 

This 12 week programme aims to help victims & survivors understand the impact the abuse has had on their confidence and self-esteem. It helps them consider healthy boundaries and begin to deal with the emotional impact of domestic abuse. Participants will end the programme being able to practise assertiveness skills and be able to process positively feelings of guilt, fear and anger.

September 2018

January 2019

April 2019

Market Drayton (Tuesdays)  Oswestry Ludlow
Shrewsbury (Thursday evenings) Church Stretton Shrewsbury (Thursdays)
  Whitchurch (Wednesdays) Bridgnorth (Fridays)

Recovery Toolkit

This 12 week programme is offered to survivors of domestic abuse once they are ready to move forward with their lives. The programme recognises that survivors say the hardest part of recovery is to deal with the psychological distress caused by the abuse. Participants are encouraged to recognise how they have coped with this distress and learn to improve their psychological well being by developing positive lifestyle coping strategies, set positive and healthy boundaries and rebuild self esteem and confidence. We plan to run this again in 2019. 

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