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We believe our products and services should be accessible to all customers. It's why we are committed to increasing accessibility

Deaf, hearing or speech impaired

  • We have hearing loops at our offices in Hereford, Wem and Craven Arms this includes a loop in reception.

Visually impaired

  • We can provide communication such as newsletters in Braille, large print or audio CD format.
  • Alternative Text - Images on this website have alternative text attributes, often known as alt text. This means that descriptive text is attached to the images which can be read by text browsers and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

  • This site complies with WC3 accessibility standards for HTML and CSS.  Screen readers will be able to navigate and read our site. If you don't have a screen reader installed on your computer please see this list of free and paid for options; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_screen_readers

Languages other than English

  • Our website can be viewed in, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. To do this, use the "select language" dropdown at the bottom of this page.
  • Nosso site pode ser visto em Inglês, Lituano, Polonês, Português e Russo. Para fazer isso, use o menu suspenso "selecionar idioma" na parte superior desta página.
  • Mūsų svetainė galima peržiūrėti, anglų, lietuvių, lenkų, portugalų ir rusų kalbomis. Norėdami tai padaryti, naudokite "Pasirinkite kalbą" išskleidžiamajame šio puslapio viršuje.
  • Nasza strona internetowa może być oglądany w, angielskim, polskim, portugalskim i rosyjskim. Aby to zrobić, należy użyć "Wybierz język" listy rozwijanej w górnej części tej strony.
  • Наш веб-сайт может быть просмотрен в, английском, литовском, польском, португальском и русском языках. Для этого используйте "Выбор языка" выпадающего меню в верхней части этой страницы.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a popular document exchange medium. It works on the principle that documents produced in most software packages can be transformed into a .pdf file (the Adobe Acrobat format) and then read by the free reader package available from Adobe called Adobe Acrobat Reader. To read the documents you must first download the reader software from the Adobe Website.