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Advice for young people in a relationship

New Online Counselling and Emotional Wellbeing platform 

As part of the new 0-25 Emotional Health & Wellbeing Services in Shropshire a free, safe and anonymous online support for young people has been launched. Kooth is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop. Children and young people can create an anonymous account and chat online to a counsellor from Monday to Friday 12noon to 10pm and from Saturday to Sunday 6pm to 10pm. The website is www.kooth.com 




By Lizzie age 16 


“When I met my boyfriend I felt excited all the time, we would see each other on our breaks at school. Everyone knew we were together. Sometimes we would hang out with our other friends after school, but I also played on the netball team so would go to practice and matches, as well as revising for my GCSE’s so I didn’t always have time.

He had been asking to see me more often, he said it’s because he loves me and misses me all the time. One day he asked to see me but I had netball practice, so I said no. He said I’d have more fun with him, and that if I loved him I would see him instead. I said I wouldn’t be able to play the match if I didn’t practice, he said I’m rubbish at netball anyway so there wasn’t much point in practising.

That night I felt bad about not going, so I text the girls to ask how practice went. He told me I was being stupid and snatched my phone off me. When he snatched my phone he grabbed my arm, I told him he had hurt me but he said it was my fault for not giving him the phone. That night I was really upset but I’m not sure why. Wasn’t it my fault for not going?”

Relationship Checklist Yes No
Is your partner trusting and understanding?    
Does your partner admit when they are wrong?    
Does your partner encourage you to be independent?    
Is your partner happy for you to spend time with friends and family?    
Does your partner accept you and make you feel comfortable with who you are?    
Does your partner accept you saying no to sex?    
Is your partner willing to compromise?    
Does your partner respect your wishes if you want to end the relationship?    
Does your partner take responsibility for their own wellbeing and happiness?    
Do you agree with the following statements:    
My partner doesn't monitor my calls, emails, texts    
My partner doesn't check my Facebook and other social media accounts    
My partner would never physically hurt me    
My partner is happy to spend time apart without constantly phoning/texting me    
My partner doesn't call me names or put me down    
My partner doesn't pressure me to send sexual texts or images of myself    

 If you answered no to any of these questions you could be in an abusive relationship and may want to speak to someone